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Reblocking Ivanhoe

House Restumping Ivanhoe

House Restumping Services Ivanhoe

We are the leading reblocking and restumping contractors in Ivanhoe, helping buildings to reinforce the foundations. If your home or business is experiencing foundational issues like cracked walls or uneven floors, contact us. Our services begins with diagnosing the problem and recommending a suitable solution.

#1 Professional House Reblocking & Restumping Service in Ivanhoe

We ensure to use the latest technology to deliver the finest solution to prevent fatal damage. It is scary to know that the foundation of your building is not stable. That’s why we are here offering affordable underpinning and reblocking services in Ivanhoe.

Restumping, Reblocking, & Underpinning Contractors Ivanhoe

If your Ivanhoe house has been built above the stumps and experiencing instability and seeing signs of sloping floors, creaking doors, cracked brickwork, or cracked plasterwork, call our experts. We have many years of experience in reblocking and restumping process.

Our professional house restumping experts analyze architectural plans, soil conditions, and damage caused to your stumps. We work with engineers and homeowners to make restumping successful.

We provide concrete, wooden, and resin stumps.

  • Concrete Restumping Fawkner offers more support, stability, and strength to floors and walls
  • Wooden Restumping are usually made of hardwood and lasts less longer than concrete restumps
  • Resin-based Restumping has the ability to uphold under pressure and uses resin-based crack filler or expoxy

When You Need Reblocking in Ivanhoe?

Not every building requires underpinning unless the foundation can no longer support the structure. Complete underpinning is offered when there is subsidence underneath, caused by weak or saturated soil. The concrete underpinning involves raising or lifting the house using jacks to support the floor joist, excavate beneath the foundations, section by section, and fill with concrete to prevent damage and see long term results.

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Apart from restumping or underpinning, foundation repairs require keen attention before your house gets swallowed up by the ground. The primary step is to call our specialists to repair foundations that help in house leveling. We use user-friendly house leveling jacks to conveniently hold the house as we fix foundations for your house.

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Work Process

01. Design

Analyze the existing foundation and structure of the building and design a suitable plan that lasts long.

02. Preparation

Prepare your site to ensure that it supports the stumps blend well with the shape and size of the structure.

03. Construction

Using the latest tools and equipment, we make sure to construct, restump, or relevel the foundation.

04. Revision

After the construction, we revise every minute detail to know that foundation is fortified and safe for you.