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About Us

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Always Level Reblocking & Underpinning has raised, re-levelled and re-supported homes and buildings for over 15 years, delivering successful solutions to thousands of residential homes with sinking floors, paths and driveways, cracked walls, jamming doors and windows can all be indicators of structural damage.

Causes are various and include; building subsidence, bearing on unstable or weak ground, a broken pipe causing erosion, moisture changes in clay soil, and earthquake liquefaction. Our solutions are cutting edge and the modern answer to the traditional way to underpin. Our alternatives to underpinning are not just for concrete slab floors.

We can underpin, raise and re-level strip footings and raft slabs, plus we can infill slabs and driveways. We are experienced in a number of ground engineering techniques, all non-invasive methods that are cost and time efficient.

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Work Process

01. Design

Analyze the existing foundation and structure of the building and design a suitable plan that lasts long.

02. Preparation

Prepare your site to ensure that it supports the stumps blend well with the shape and size of the structure.

03. Construction

Using the latest tools and equipment, we make sure to construct, restump, or relevel the foundation.

04. Revision

After the construction, we revise every minute detail to know that foundation is fortified and safe for you.