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House Levelling Melbourne - House Restumping

House Restumping Melbourne

Fixing Unlevel Ground by Experienced Melbourne Team

House Levelling services in Melbourne, Vic. Contact Always Level Reblocking & Underpinning and work with the best Restumping contractors in VIC today!!

Have you noticed your floors sagging or unlevel ground? We provide solutions that help to quickly fix to prevent sinking of floors. We analyze the cause and determine voids and design an effective solution to avoid foundation to collapse.

Likely causes of subsidence in homes

  • Water flooding the ground
  • Drought drying out soil
  • Washaways from broken pipes (such as water, sewer, stormwater drainage)
  • Poorly compacted fill
  • Liquid, gas or mineral resources being removed from the ground
  • Earthquake and seismic activity
  • Tree roots can suck moisture from the ground
  • Vibrations caused by heavy road traffic or by machinery
  • Absence of an organised footing system – in very old buildings or in buildings with additions or alterations
  • Nearby excavation
  • Heavy loading
  • Deterioration of retaining walls

Benefits of level correction methods:

  • Floors and buildings are brought back to level and sunken floors are corrected
  • Cracks in walls generally close up
  • Jammed doors and windows are freed up
  • We don’t make mess: there is no concrete dust, water, or anything else to clean up
  • There is minimal disruption
  • We don’t cause further damage to the house or the landscaping

Sinking Floors – Strengthen Weak Ground

With simple jobs, residents can stay in the home and may not even need to move furniture. Our techniques are non-invasive: we don’t tear up floors or excavate ground.

House Restumping, Reblocking and Releveling in Melbourne!!!

Our methods are very quick, completed in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, and simple residential work is often done in a day. The methods we use strengthen weak ground, so your home becomes level and more stable. The products and techniques we use have zero negative impact on the environment.

Call us if your building shows signs of sagging floors. Our experienced Melbourne team will arrive with suitable equipment to make the whole process hassle-free.

Work Process

01. Design

Analyze the existing foundation and structure of the building and design a suitable plan that lasts long.

02. Preparation

Prepare your site to ensure that it supports the stumps blend well with the shape and size of the structure.

03. Construction

Using the latest tools and equipment, we make sure to construct, restump, or relevel the foundation.

04. Revision

After the construction, we revise every minute detail to know that foundation is fortified and safe for you.